Nutrition Founded in Science – What is Needed to Booster and Maintain Good Health

A food supplement needs to be backed by advancing science and leading-edge manufacturing and laboratory technologies, where complex nutrition can be made simple for its users. Where one or two helpings per day can deliver a complete, balanced, optimal blend of the vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, proteins and phytonutrients the body needs every day. Food supplement companies need to be committed to remaining at the forefront of food and nutrition science, and therefore undertake initiatives to ensure the superior quality and efficacy of its products.A Scientific Advisory Board Is NeededSuch a scientific advisory board should consist of renowned experts in both the medical and nutrition science. Board members should review research, provide feedback on specific ingredients and ingredient blends, and recommend enhancements to their formulas. In addition, the scientific advisory board should assist in identifying clinical studies conducted by university based researchers, research firms and interested private physicians to examine the efficacy of key nutrients used in the formulations of a company’s supplements.Be A Member Of The Council Of Responsible Nutrition Any company supplying food supplements ought to be a member of the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN). Which is the leading trade organization in the nutritional supplement industry. The CRN holds its members to a strict code of ethics, garnering it the support and respect of government agencies around the world. The counsel focuses on the science of nutrition.Be Committed To Product DevelopmentOne example of this is to focus product development efforts on nutraceutical formulas, which are nutritional blends that provide specific benefits beyond meeting the basic nutritional needs. Blood sugar control, digestive health, energy and performance enhancement, children’s health, women’s health, joint health, heart health, and anti-aging are examples of this.Four Key Factors To Look For When Choosing A Nutritional Supplements
Optimal Nutritional
Guaranteed Quality IngredientsFive Questions and Answers Basic To The Consideration Of Food SupplementsQ: Why is it important for everyone to use food supplements?
A: Today’s diet of fast food lunches and highly processed meals are long on calories and short on nutrition. A high quality daily supplement is needed to give the body the nutrients it needs to support immunity, fight infection and enhance overall well-being.Q: What is bioavailability and why is it important?
A: The faster a nutrient is absorbed, the more quickly it goes to work and the more likely it is that a greater amount of the nutrient will be utilized by the body-that’s bioavailability.Q: Some supplements are blends that contain many nutrients, while others are in forms that contain individual nutrients, does one form have a benefit over the other?
A: Many nutrients require a companion nutrient to either enhance absorption or increase effectiveness. The classic example of this nutrient synergism is the addition of vitamin D to milk to improve the body’s absorption of calcium. On the flip side, some nutrients actually hinder the effectiveness of others. When a formula is created with synergy in mind, the manufacturer is able to combine the nutrients your body needs most in the amounts and blends that provide the greatest benefit. This would be nearly impossible to do for a person purchasing nutrients separately and simply taking handfuls of pills and/or capsules.Q: Different supplements contain the same thing on their labels. What if anything can distinguish on from the other?
A: We’ve all seen news reports about retail vitamins that, when tested, only contained trace amounts of the nutrients listed on the label. A quality supplement manufacturer will take the quality and potency of its nutrient formulas very seriously. That sort of supplement manufacturer will work only with respectable ingredient suppliers, and test and retest each formula at each step throughout the manufacturing process. That way they can guarantee that the products they sell matches what’s on the label in potency, quality and efficacy.Q: Why is it that sometimes you will hear a person testifying that they have used food supplements for years, but none the less find themselves subject to failing health?
A: It is a combination of everything we’ve talked about so far. A food supplement must offer superior bioavailability, which means the body is better able to use the nutrients delivered. It must use synergistic blends carefully combining the nutrients to provide the greatest possible benefit. They need to use top quality ingredients, and a near pharmaceutical manufacturing process to ensure freshness and potency. They must also be committed to providing optimal amounts of nutrients, not just the recommended daily minimums. Thus, giving the body the cellular fuel it needs to restore, repair and re-energize.

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